Love/Hate Relationship?

Food related health problems, weight issues, anxiety, depression, can all come about from an unhealthy relationship with eating.
Eating can be addictive, obsessive, ignorant, emotional, destructive, angry, feasting, constant, habitual.

The link between food related problems and emotions are fundamental.

Some eat to hide emotions, cram them down, numb them.
Some people try to rekindle an emotion, an experience from certain foods or behaviours with food.

Try out this example.
“My grandparents would comfort me with hot chocolate and cookies. When I’m low i seek solace from biscuits and hot chocolate…
This is one simple example. Look for yourself at times you felt loved, connected, accepted and what food links with you with those memories?

A friends dad who worked away a lot would always come back home laden with sweeties to show how much he cared. Remembering this and linking it in with her addiction to sugar helped her cut and change completely.

Addictions and cravings are a sign of regression. Trying to re’experience an old feeling, perhaps of connection, love, acceptance.

Without realising it, food is used to help us find what we’re looking for. Beyond nutrition

The words we say to ourselves impact on us directly
I am,

The words we use to describe our food needs can also represent deeper emotional unmet needs

Hungry for love
Starving for connection
Empty inside…..
Famished for……

Interesting don’t you think?

Because our subconscious mind takes things literally, what we think, ie the words or images we convey to ourselves will be obeyed and achieved in ways we didn’t necessarily intend

Im starving!

Do you ever say this? I believe many of us are guilty of this
We’re not starving though are we? Not in the true meaning of the word relating to nourishment.
If you say to yourself, ‘I am starving,’ your mind will obey. It will seek out food immediately and you will find yourself inhaling it.

What else might be better instead? – Try this

What our mind believes our body will follow

So become aware of the images you form in your mind.
The things we crave and try and resist become big and bright and overwhelming. Compare now something you eat that you know you shouldn’t that you just cant resist and a glass of water….
Which is more appealing? Which makes your mouth water, your eyes flicker….
Whats the difference? Is one brighter, bigger, clearer than the other,
Curiously notice.

Food related problems are not about will power.
Don’t fight yourself
Im willing to bet if you have an ongoing tumultuous relationship with food, there are emotional links, or mind distortions somewhere.

Education is key. Learning and gaining understandings behind the problem can often be the game changer for many a sufferer.

Hypnotherapy, NLP and HMP are all tools for change. So as someone gains understanding of the why’s behind their problem it’s so much easier to shift out of negative, destructive habits and steer themselves in a direction of health and wellbeing for life.