Appointments are available online and in-person

Mind Coaching sessions

One-off sessions £80 £60 Lockdown discount
A group of 3 sessions £200 £175

How many sessions will I need?
Most Clients opt for a package of 3, a great way to discover and change, implement all the changes and work with anything else that may come up. Some people don’t want to commit to something they’re not yet sure of, could this be you? Just have one session, you’ll know what’s best for you.

Mind Coaching packages

For those who are really serious about change and who are going to put their heart and soul into it, coaching packages could be for you.

Coaching has two aspects, insight and application. Taking responsibility and ownership of deeds with insight is crucial. I will be wholly present and fully committed for my clients who choose to take this part of their journey with me. I honour and respect every part of it and ask that they do the same.

Coaching packages start at £695 for a 6-week intensive transformational programme.

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Hypnotherapy sessions

One-off sessions £80 £60 Lockdown discount
A group of 3 sessions £200 £175

How many sessions will I need?
I would recommend more than one session to really benefit from hypnosis. Initial consultations are reinforced by subsequent sessions that allow for a full in-depth review of how the presenting issue (or issues) have improved since your last session.

Personalised Hypnotherapy audio

Change from the comfort of your own home with the ease of your own personalised unique hypnotherapy MP3 audio track. Such a natural and easy way to change!

This includes;

  • 1hr online session so we can discover and get really specific on what you want 
  • 3 1/2hrs of me writing and creating
  • 2hrs of recording and editing 
  • Your personalised MP3 along with a plan on how and when to use it.

Fees are £300 + £200 deposit.
Total initial investment £500

The deposit is taken so you get the most out of your investment and my efforts. Yes, we’re going to place value on our commitment! The effectiveness of these audio’s lie in our combined commitment.

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Hands-on pain relief sessions


Initial consultation 1hr – £49
Follow up sessions 45min – £38

For your needs to be met our first appointment will last an hour, this allows for a thorough assessment and full treatment.

After this, if follow on sessions are required, these are 45 minutes. For those I have worked with already, first aid appointments are available – these are 15-minute sessions when there is a recent injury or a great way to initiate healing. Using the more gentle techniques, muscle correction work can have an immediate impact on the inflammatory process, helping to influence the bodies rate of recovery.

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