Common Problems & Barriers

These are just some of the barriers I can help you overcome using these techniques

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Find yourself nervous, stressed or anxious about doing things, seeing people, impending events? Do you experience this more often than not? Or, do you just find your body experiencing strong uncomfortable sensations, breathing rate changes, feeling your heartbeat in your chest for what may seem like no apparent reason? Is this stopping you doing what you want to do and how is this impacting on other areas of your life?

Some people can find themselves stuck in a mindset that has things blown out of proportion so any small insignificant seeming action or person can trigger an immediate physical stress response in their body.

Every action has a purpose, as humans, we do not function unnecessarily, and all of our behaviours and abilities are learnt. This means if we have an unhelpful response in certain situations, then we can unlearn it.

Sometimes we need to realise the benefits to certain behaviours, our below conscious system is designed to keep us safe therefore it programmes itself on success. Unfortunately, as we grow those previous learnings may not be useful any more and can stay stuck in place, so learning what drives our reactions can give us a great deal more choice for change.

My job is to help you to ‘upgrade,’ to change old learnings, alter the way you’re using your mind to trigger stress responses, I help you to change your underlying beliefs. You create new resources and understandings that allow for new responses. New responses that are beneficial to who you are now, in alignment with the goals you want to achieve and the person you are wanting to become.

How do we do this?

Through NLP techniques, through screen adjustments, through hypnotherapy, quick and easy methods depending on who, where, what, when and how.

When we learn and upgrade from our earlier life experiences change happens naturally. Anxieties can just disappear. It’s all done in an upbeat, interesting and relaxed session in person or online. Just in a conversation, using the art of language you can overcome your life’s obstacles.


Feeling low for long periods of time? A sense of hopelessness, feels like you can’t do anything right, you hate what you say, what you do, what you look like, life is a struggle, no energy, everyone around just seems to get at you. Have you lost interest in the things you used to love?

The list goes on, people can experience depression in so many different ways and it can feel dark and endless, to the point where people consider taking their lives and some do it, suicide is on the rise.

Another difficulty can be that when you’re in it, you don’t know you’re in it, it’s just an impending sense of despair that is life and some people don’t realise they are depressed. Which for me is devastating because I know it can be helped, it really can, and it can be helped quickly and in a light, upbeat and interesting way, just by chatting.

And when I say chatting, I mean light chatting because there is no need to talk about what is depressing you, no need to try and understand why it is what it is.

Using your mind’s natural ability to generate or perceive information we can harness this to allow you to function in a way that is conducive to a better state and can be quick and easy.

Depression can be a good example of the “how” we do things with our minds that we’re not yet consciously aware of (until I show you.) How our mind ‘does’ information directly impacts on our mood and demeanour and how it perceives all the external information that we’re exposed to, to help to maintain this. Have a look at this video to get an idea of how the mind impacts our mood.

When working with depression you will learn how your mind has been keeping you stuck in your depressed state. You’ll learn why you’re so aware of all the things in your life that compound the problem, that keeps you locked in, how the subconscious mind works and how to change to a better more resourceful state.

During a session with me, you are given the opportunity to learn what your subconscious is communicating, or what is driving your behaviours and creating your abilities to be successful in your struggles.

We are human beings with an incredible system that allows us to achieve what it is we are setting out to achieve. This is great if your system is lined up to achieve that which you want. The problem is these goals are supported or not supported by our early life learnings. Its all very well beating yourself up and working really hard and changing this and changing that outside of you but if your underpinning beliefs and values and not supporting this new change it ain’t gonna happen! This is why it’s important to dig into your mind and learn what’s driving you subconsciously and change your old limiting learnings to new upgraded choices. To help you see things in a different light.


Can’t get to sleep or waking up at unsociable hours and unable to fall back to sleep? Mind churning as soon as you get to bed? Insomnia can commonly be a result of anxiety or depression and can also be learnt behaviour. It can appear out of the blue for no apparent reason or it can creep in gradually. How has it been for you?

Insomnia itself is often not the problem, it’s what is causing the body to remain awake or to wake up that is the problem.

There can be a lot going on behind the scenes to manifest itself as a continuous inability to sleep. In my experience, it can take a few more sessions to resolve but it’s definitely the most wonderful thing to get back your sleep again. Peace of Mind, literally. 


What are you using to distract you? How are you taking the sting out of life?

Drink, Drugs (illegal or prescription), Exercise, Sex, Smoking, Food, Coffee…

Addictions come in many guises and can be thought of as a way to numb the pain.  They are all consuming and my role is to help you to break the need.  It is the underlying cause of the pain, the problem behind the need to self medicate that we look to adjust.  This is a strong way to overcome any self destruction.  There is a difference between addictions and habits, learn more here. 

When working with addictions taking into consideration how the mind works will give you a greater understanding of why there is a problem. The mind, when stuck on something that it perceived to be a threat at one time or another can cause the body to continuously experience a stress response.

To feel more ‘normal’, relaxed, comfortable a coping strategy is used. An external something that can have the ability to ease the mind, or a distraction for the mind to bring temporary relief.  Consuming internally or externally, ie drinking, drugs, or shopping, hoarding.  See a picture here? Because this relief is short-lived the dosage or frequency must increase to help maintain the superficial status quo.

We need the mind to let go, to relearn, to change what it is hooked up on before we can feel comfortable enough not to rely on external substances or habits.  Many people can also make big changes just by focusing on the outcome they want.  What we call solution focused therapy.  Your mind always has the answer to your problems.  I want to help you get your answers quickly, in what ever way is best for you.

Learn how your mind works, take control of your problem by resolving the underlying issue, or direct your mind to get you your goal. You deserve to feel at ease, and i honestly believe we all have the ability to be free, no need for coping strategies so you don’t need to self medicate.


What is Trauma?

Trauma can be described as a situation where one is helpless. It doesn’t have to be a major shock or incident. It can be an ongoing experience, eg a relationship, a job, any situation over any time frame. One person’s trauma can be another persons salvage, so it’s very important never to put our own perceptions and meanings onto someone else’s problem. No matter how big or small the impact can be detrimental over a period of time if not addressed.

“To draw an analogy: a man’s suffering is similar to the behaviour of a gas. If a certain quantity of gas is pumped into an empty chamber, it will fill the chamber completely and evenly, no matter how big the chamber. Thus suffering completely fills the human soul and conscious mind, no matter whether the suffering is great or little. Therefore the “size” of human suffering is absolutely relative.” Viktor Emil Frankl, Man’s Search for Meaning

I work with the individual and the suffering they are experiencing, no one else’s opinion, judgement or ideas matter. Just you and how it is impacting on you. Have a look at the common conditions related to ongoing stress, recognise more than one?

Some people don’t know consciously what is causing their stress, so it’s my job to work with them to allow the uncovering of what is triggering their stress response, and then to change it.


What is causing your system to have an allergic response, yes, allergic? Our physical body goes into the same physiological response as an allergy when experiencing a severe fear or phobia. Interesting isn’t it?

I work with people to discover what could have triggered this very strong reaction because you weren’t born with it were you not? It is a learned response from your system to keep you safe. The only problem is when It begins limiting people, impacting on their lives so they are not living to their full potential.

Heights, for example, enclosed spaces, water, dogs, spiders, the list is endless. Arachibutyrophobia, for example, is the fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth!! Nuts huh?!?! But so very very real, and in some cases fatal.

Whatever someone’s fear is, the impact it has on their body is very physical and real. It can be debilitating so it needs to be sorted!

I can help people remove these very quickly. Enjoying life again to the full, and also interrupting the passing on to their children. Phobias, fears, they are learnt, it’s vital to keep children from learning unnecessary limitations so they can see how safe and beautiful the world can be.


Struggling with Reading? Is your child getting behind in school, low in confidence, not socialising, quiet around certain people or in certain places? Or even as an adult are you or do you know of someone who is struggling? Not sure what to do even though you know you know something is needed?

Learning how your mind works and changing the internal strategy for learning can allow you or your child to get back to enjoying, interacting and learning life skills rather than worrying or stressing.

Light informal one-to-one coaching using the HMP to help sort the problem, the work is tried and tested and now being brought into the education system in Europe.

During a session, you will be showing me how you learn (even though you’re not aware of this yet), how you do reading and spelling. This means we can access and if necessary upgrade your strategy which can almost instantly impact on your abilities. Yes, you will be putting the work in in the session!

If you want more detail, keep reading, or if this is enough for you to be curious and get your grey matter firing then get in touch now by emailing me.

Learning difficulties can lead to mental health issues. This is why it is important to work with these problems. It will create a difference for your learning which will impact on all other areas of life.

When it comes to learning difficulties such as dyslexia it is important to solve your own development within your own mind. It can be easy to just throw your hands in the air and give up, avoiding all manner of daily struggles which can lead to a very limited life. Anxiety will always be intertwined with learning difficulties, which is why it is key to identify these issues early in order to work out the best ways of working through your own issues internally.

You are the only one that can make the changes, which is why it is so difficult as people will often see no escape because they’re not aware there are ways out. There are options out there for you, and the Hudson Mind Process is one of the quickest and most effective tried and tested methods for change.


The Visual Cortex, an area within the brain is continuously lit up in someone experiencing PTSD, even when they are looking at a blank wall. So the question really must be what is causing this?

Learning how the mind works will give you insights into how this can be. Any experienced traumatic event if not understood, changed or filed away in the mind will then get stuck and repeatedly run in the mind on a below yet also conscious level causing a constant stress response. Stuck in fight or flight. For a more scientific description, read about The Hudson Mind Theory.

Medication can not change a memory, it can make it hazier and more difficult to manage. So, until that memory is processed, mental health problems, flashbacks, physical health issues, addictions will almost certainly arise.

During a Mind Coaching session, you won’t have to talk about the experience, some people don’t even remember or block it out. We use the ways in which the information is stored to make changes allowing the subconscious mind to process the trauma giving rise to its release and finally letting go. And all this will bring the body back into balance and harmony again.


Chronic pain is commonly defined as any pain which lasts more than 12 weeks. It is persistent, steady or intermittent, coming and going without any apparent reason.

It can occur in nearly any part of the body and can include Headaches; Migraines; Nerve damage pain; Joint pain and swelling; Back pain; Unexplained all over body aches and pains.  Other symptoms can include; Tense muscles; Lack of energy; Limited mobility.

Depending on what is going on for each individual predicates how we work with this. Pain strategies, working with the mind allowing us to gain insights as to what could be keeping someone stuck in the problem.

Hypnotherapy can be a beautifully relaxing too, to help change and alter what’s causing the internal friction and allow the mind to let it go or learn to re-route. We look into any beliefs that could be limiting. You will have the information inside of you – the key to whats holding you back. It’s my job to help you begin to recognise where you’re not congruent in life. What I mean by this is where in life might you be wanting to be doing things differently to what is actually happening, or perhaps being different to who you are being.

In your mind, you imagine achieving certain things or behaving in specific ways but are not achieving these yet.
We can discover this through your non-verbal communication, you can learn for yourself what is happening and the changes then, once you become aware, become conscious and change just happens naturally.